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A little peace of mind goes a long way.

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Let's Get Started

Don't get caught out with unpaid rego! Sign up for our unique reminder system.

Why sign up?

  • Always be reminded about your vehicle registration.
  • Reduce the chance of getting a fine for an unregistered vehicle.
  • Never have to worry about when your registration is due.


Have you forgotten something?

With the world at such a fast pace, it is easy to forget things. This is where RenewalMate has come up with a unique patented idea of the Vehicle Registration Reminder System.
Once you have registered your details, you can purchase one of our patented waterproof keyrings to hold the reminder in. 
Alternatively, you can receive a HardTag which also has your registration due date printed on it, which will slip straight into the keyring or straight onto your own set of keys.
You will automatically get an email that your purchase is successful.
Please register and have a little peace of mind.

Our Patented Products

Smart Keyring

$6.99 INC GST + P&H


$3.80 INC GST + P&H

Email Printable Tag (Keyring not included)

$2.20 INC GST

Rego Fiasco

19 May 2016

The calls for car registration stickers to be reintroduced after angry drivers have been issued large fines for forgetting their renewals.

Watch A Current Affairs video here


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