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No beacon registration stickers from September 2015


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No beacon registration stickers from September 2015

14 October 2015

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) will no longer issue stickers as proof of beacon registration from September 2015.  This change affects vessel and aircraft owners who are required to carry a registered beacon under regulatory carriage requirements.

The reason for this change is because Australian beacon owners have brought to AMSA’s attention a number of issues relating to stickers.  As a result, AMSA will move to an easier and more mobile method of proving beacon registration. 

As vessel and aircraft owners are still required by law to provide proof of beacon registration if asked by authorities, you must use one of the following alternative methods from 15th September 2015:


Email registration

Carry a printed copy of your email registration confirmation

SMS registration
Save your SMS registration confirmation in your phone

Post printed registration
If you don’t have an email address or mobile phone, request a copy of your registration confirmation be sent to you by post and carry it with you when using your vessel or aircraft.

Mobile beacon system
Owners and inspectors will be able to enter the beacon’s HEX ID into a new beacon system on their mobile device to confirm whether the beacon is registered.

Further details will follow closer to September 2015.

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